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Happy Summer!!

The Spring 2016 soccer season has ended.  Two Groton-Dunstable teams qualified for the Mass Youth Soccer Tournament of Champions (MTOC) state championship.  Please congratulate the Groton-Dunstable BU12A team and GU14A team for winning their respective Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League championships and qualifying for the Division 1 state championships.  We would also like to congratulate all of the GDYSC teams that qualified for the Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League Playoffs including the following teams:


GU12B (Finalist)

GU14A (NVYSL Champion)

BU12A (NVYSL Champion)

BU14A (Finalist)

We also want to thank all of the parents, coaches and other volunteers for all that you did this past spring to create a great experience for the players.  We have already begun preparations for the fall 2017 season, so if you have any feedback on things that we can improve, please feel free to email any of us on the GDYSC board.  Have a great summer and don't forget to register for the fall before July 31st. 

The GDYSC board members are as follows:

GDYSC Board Members

2016-2017 Season



Chris Davey

Vice President

Gerard Stelzer


Jim Gmeiner


Lisa McCarthy

Roster Registrar

Victor Volpe

Assistant Roster Registrar

David Pitkin

NVYSL Representative

Brad Pierantozzi

Referee Director

Andre Viera

Player Training Director

Chris Martinez

Field Scheduler

Eric Spada


Jim Herberich

New Coordinator Trainer

Matt Davey

Field Maintenance

Jeff Ohringer

Pre-K/K Coordinator

Christine Walzel

1st/2nd Grade Boys Coordinator

David Pitkin

1st/2nd Grade Girls Coordinator

Heather Mazzacarro

3rd/4th Grade Boys Coordinator

Gareth Ouellette

3rd/4th Grade Girls Coordinator

Miles Salyer

Mark Fosberry

5th/6th Grade Boys Coordinator

Brad Pierantozzi

5th/6th Grade Girls Coordinator

Eric Spada

7th/8th Grade Boys Coordinator

Kate McEleney

Brad Pierantozzi

7th/8th Grade Girls Coordinator

Miles Salyer

HS Coordinator

Kevin McCarthy




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2 Days Left!! - Fall Regular Registration Closes on July 31st
Fall 2016 Regular Registration Now Open – Closes on July 31st   Regular...
GDYSC Summer Pickup soccer
GDYSC Summer Pickup starts the week after next week at Larter.   It'll...
Mass Youth Soccer Adult Volunteer and CORI Registration Process
Coaches and Volunteers:   If you plan on coaching or volunteering...
2 Days Left!! - Fall Regular Registration Closes on July 31st

Fall 2016 Regular Registration Now Open – Closes on July 31st

Regular player registration for the fall 2016 soccer season for non-HS players is now open and will run until July 31st.  HS registration will open on September 1st and run until September 10th. Players and volunteers can register by clicking on the Register Now button on the right hand side of the home page at or by selecting Register On-Line from the Members menu.  The fall season officially opens on Saturday, September 10th and runs until Sunday, November 6th.

Grade Groupings and Age Eligibility for the 2016-2017 Season

The United States Soccer Federation (USSF) has changed the grade and age eligibility requirements for the 2016-2017 soccer seasons (fall and spring).  Instead of tying age eligibility to a soccer calendar year that begins on August 1st and ends on July 31st, they have mandated that all age eligibility will now be tied to the actual calendar year beginning on January 1st and ending on December 31st.  Massachusetts Youth Soccer has decided to modify these requirements to allow children in the same grade to play together.  Therefore, the new soccer groupings for the 2016-2017 soccer season(s) will be the following:


Grade Grouping


Date of Birth Requirements

Born on or After

Grade PK and K (formerly U6)

Pre-K and K



Grade 1/2 (formerly U8)

1st and 2nd Grade



Grade 3/4 (formerly U10)

3rd and 4th Grade



Grade 5/6 (formerly U12)

5th and 6th Grade



Grade 7/8 (formerly U14)

7th and 8th Grade



Grade 9/10/11/12 (formerly U16- U19)

9th - 12th  Grade




We understand that a few of our youth players might not fit neatly into the Grade and Age categories defined above.  As we've done in the past, the GDYSC board will define the waiver conditions and process to allow players to be assigned up or down one level based on their unique circumstances. This waiver policy will be consistent with the GDYSC mission of providing the best youth soccer development experience for all of our players. The new waiver policy will be posted to the GDYSC website once we have fully reviewed the information and recommendations from US Soccer, MA Youth Soccer, and the Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League.  In addition, if the reported grade for your child in their registration record for the 2016-2017 school year is incorrect, this may cause the system to indicate that they are ineligible for the grade grouping you are trying to register them for.  If you have problems because of this, please reach out to Chris Davey, Jim Herberich or Victor Volpe.  

Registration Fees

For the fall 2016 season, the GDYSC Board has raised registration fees.  Starting this fall, registration fees for Pre-K/K and 1st/2nd Grade players will be $85.  Registration fees for 3rd/4th, 5th/6th, 7th/8th, and HS age players will be $115.  The reason for the increase in fees is two-fold.  First, the GDYSC has been operating at deficit for the past three years as we have increased services, invested in field lighting and equipment and added weekly “club practices” for all age groups.  We added these services, but we did not increase our fees over that time period to cover the additional costs of these things.  Second, we as a board believe that we need to provide additional professional training to all of our coaches and players, not just those that choose to attend the weekly “club practices”.  To that end, we will be contracting with a group of professional coaches (including a former New England Revolution Player and current Division I College Coach, and a current Women’s Professional Coach with the Boston Breakers) to provide the following additional training and services to our coaches, players and families:

Coaching Education – These professional coaches will mentor our entire coaching staff throughout the season with on field training during both practices and games.  They will also run 3 coaching education workshops throughout the year.  We believe this coaching education will dramatically raise the quality of coaching for our players and improve their development as a result.

Player Development – These professional coaches will take over the implementation of our technical training sessions and “club practices” in order to improve the quality of training for our players.  This will include:

  1. 90 individualized training sessions for all 3rd/4th, 5th/6th and 7th/8th grade teams in each of the fall and spring seasons (minimum of 3 per team per season)
  2. Pre-K/K and 1st/2nd grade “club practices” one evening per week
  3. Pre-K/K training and game session on Sunday afternoons in the fall and spring
  4. Grade appropriate, curated coaching curriculum for all GDYSC coaches

Player Evaluation Process – Our professional coaching staff will also help to run our player evaluations at the end of the spring season.  We believe professional, third-party evaluation will improve the overall quality of our evaluations.  These coaches will also provide our players with a “continuous evaluation process” throughout the fall and spring seasons to help identify players that have either been misplaced or should be offered the opportunity to train with a higher level team than the one that they have been placed on.

By doing this, we hope to provide a much higher level of training and instruction than we have been able to offer in the past and provide a “club level” training experience at a fraction of the cost of a typical “club” program.


Player registrations should be paid in full at the time of registration using a credit card or PayPal account.  Players that are not paid in full by August 15th, 2016 will not be placed on a roster until their outstanding balance is settled.  In addition, we do provide discounted fees if you have more than two players in the program and we offer a family maximum of $350 per season.  For parents needing financial assistance, please contact the GDYSC Registrar, Victor Volpe ( ) to request a full or partial waiver of the player registration fees.  For parents who wish to pay by check, please contact both the GDYSC treasurer, Lisa McCarthy ( ) and the GDYSC Registrar, Victor Volpe ( ) to arrange for payment.  There are no fees to register as a volunteer. 

Late Registration

Registrations received after July 31, 2016 for 3rd/4th grade, 5th/6th grade and 7th/8th grade players will be assessed a $25 late fee.  In addition, all of these late registered players will be placed on the waiting list and will only be placed on a team if there are available spots.  The additional late fees are needed to cover costs that the GDYSC will incur from the Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League for late roster changes or late team registration fees. 

There will be no late registrations fees for Pre-K/K, 1st/2nd and HS grade players for the fall season. 
Refund Policy

Any refund request received after August 15, 2016 will not be honored.  Refund requests prior to those dates in their respective seasons will be subject to a $15 processing fee.  This fee represents the sum of the non-refundable fees that we may have to pay Mass Youth Soccer, the Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League and PayPal.

Uniform Ordering

If your child is in need of a uniform for the fall season, it must be pre-ordered and paid for by credit card on the online uniform ordering site at  Look for Shop on the Home Page.  All uniform orders must be received by August 10, 2016 to guarantee receipt by the start of the season.  All purchased uniforms can be picked up at Greco Graphics, located on 14 Hadley Street in North Billerica. They are open on Monday from 8AM to 8PM, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 8AM to 5PM and on Thursdays from 8-6PM.  They can be reached at 978-663-9122.  If you would prefer that your uniform be shipped to your house, please select this option when you make your purchase.  There will likely be an additional shipping charge of $5-10 to have the uniforms shipped to your house.  Finally, Greco Graphics will be having two uniform pick-up sessions in Groton prior to the start of the season, times and places to be determined.

If your child will be playing Pre-K/K or 1st/2nd grade soccer in the fall, a reversible maroon/white GDYSC jersey is the only uniform requirement.  If your child will be playing on a team in any of the older grades and does not have a uniform or needs a larger size uniform, they will have to purchase the new jersey, black shorts and black socks.  Jerseys, shorts and socks can be ordered on-line.

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GDYSC Summer Pickup soccer

GDYSC Summer Pickup starts the week after next week at Larter.  
It'll run for 7 Wednesdays: June 29th, July 6, 13, 20, 27, and Aug 3rd & 10th.
          U6    6:00-7:00
          U8    5:50-7:00
          U10  5:45-7:00
          U12  5:40-7:00
          U14  5:30-7:00

No need to sign up, no fee.  It's part of the GDYSC program, and open to all GDYSC players (or any player who plays on a Massachusetts based team...that covers the insurance).  Wear shin guards and bring a water bottle.  If you can, have your player wear a light shirt or a dark shirt so we can play light vs dark.  I'll use pinnies to balance the teams as necessary.

We help organize them into small sided teams and they play.  As players come and go we shuffle things around to keep games at least 3v3 and no more than 6v6.  Although sometimes the older group goes a little more than 6v6.   No coaching, minimal organization, minimal defending ;-)

Very low key.
Hope to see you there.


by posted 06/19/2016
Mass Youth Soccer Adult Volunteer and CORI Registration Process

Coaches and Volunteers:


If you plan on coaching or volunteering in the fall in the GDYSC, you will have to register as an Adult Volunteer with Mass Youth Soccer as well as update your CORI registration. To register as an Adult Volunteer, follow these steps:

1) Go to

2) Click on the Administrators Tab on the top navigation bar and click on “CORI Policies and Procedures”

3) Scroll down in the main document to “New Adult and CORI Registration Procedures – 8/14/15” which is highlighted in yellow

4) In that paragraph, click on “ADULT AND CORI REGISTRATIONS”

5) You will come to a page with the title “Adult Registration and CORI Registration”

6) Scroll down to the blue highlighted text and click on the line that says “Click here to go to the Adult Registration portal”

7) This will take you to a page that states at the top “Welcome to the Mass Youth Soccer Registration and CORI Registration”

8) For those that have completed the CORI registration process with Mass Youth Soccer since July 18th, 2013, scroll down to the blue button that says “Adult Registration Returning User – Register Now” and click on that button

9) For those that have never completed the CORI registration process with Mass Youth Soccer or did it prior to July 18th, 2013, scroll down to the green button that says “Adult Registration New Users – Register Now” and click on that button.

10) Follow the instructions for creating a new username and password and complete the registration process (including uploading a photograph of yourself).

11) You will get an email confirmation of your Adult Volunteer registration

If you do not get a valid CORI registration date in the email confirmation, please click on the attached link in that email to submit a CORI registration.  The link is

  1. Fill out the form and be sure to enter the name of the organization as “Groton-Dunstable Youth Soccer”
  2. Make sure to enter the last six digits of your social security number
  3. Click “Submit” at the bottom of the form
  4. Make sure to print out the form as well - you will need to bring it with you to the GDYSC Coaches meeting so that we can verify your form against your driver's license and co-sign the form.

If you did get a valid CORI registration date in the email confirmation, you are all set and do not need to do anything else.

Mass Youth Soccer will update an on-line Google docs form that shows all of the coaches in our club that have registered and been cleared to coach and the date they are authorized until.  

Let me know if you have questions.



by posted 11/28/2015

0. Greco Graphics

01. New England Revolution

02. Boston Breakers